For Festival Republic’s popular live events, Latitude and Reading and Leeds, AKA was brought on board to help cut through the noise of the UK’s competitive festival scene, access their core audiences and attract new pleasure seekers from across the nation. With a goal of improving ticket sales, Festival Republic wanted to refresh its advertising by integrating more digital.

AKA delivered flexible, data-driven and creative marketing campaigns for the three festivals, adopting both a proactive and reactive approach to the media activity – enabling us to make intelligent and informed media choices as the campaigns developed.

To pique the interest of Latitude’s artistic and culturally engaged audience of young professionals and families, we focused on a multichannel campaign using North London Overground placements alongside podcast pre-records across hugely popular cult hits like “Scrubius Pip” and “My Dad Wrote a Porno” (which had a 225% over-delivery on impressions) alongside deals with The Times and Time Out proving valuable in capturing public interest.


For Reading and Leeds festivals, AKA concentrated exclusively on the music experience to help generate ticket sales. With a diverse target audience ranging from 16 to 34-year-olds, we employed a social media-led strategy, which drove significant ROI, as well as programmatic and outdoor takeover campaigns. An agile and dynamic approach to the festivals’ social strategy ensured online budget was focused on delivering the best results – both in the long and short term. 

PHOTO CREDIT - Andre Bendge
PHOTOCREDIT - Caitlin Mogridge

Since appointing AKA in 2017, Festival Republic’s ticket sales have increased year-on-year and successfully reached new audiences. We’re delighted to be continuing and building on this as we widen our responsibilities to include the Isle of Wight and other festivals from 2019 onwards.