We’re really excited to be the marketing agency for the Donmar Warehouse.  As the Donmar is one of the leading producers of quality theatre in the UK, it was a particular thrill to be responsible for their latest season’s artwork.

Our resulting collection of creative has been influenced by the cinematic world, specifically imagery that evokes a strong sense of narrative.

To further draw together each of the pieces of creative in this season, we developed a uniform look and feel, one that focused on soft hues and a desaturated palette, with natural light at the forefront.

The first play in the new season of work is The Same Deep Water As Me, by Nick Payne, the award-winning writer of Constellations. This new work follows Andrew and Barry at Scorpion Claims, Luton¹s finest personal injury lawyers, and the cause and effects of their actions.

For our key art to support the play, we needed to evoke the spirit of contemporary Britain – a world of Greggs the Bakers and the Tesco carrier bag. In addition, the car park arrows, indicating a choice of direction, reference the play’s take on morality.

For Roots, the second show in the season, our artwork represents the emotional journey of the production’s protagonist, Beatie, a buoyant and newly empowered young woman at a time of social change. The bridge in this image is symbolic of Beatie straddling two worlds; an idea of leaving the old behind whilst embracing something unknown.

Celebrated stage and screen actor Tom Hiddleston returns to the Donmar this season in Coriolanus. For our creative, Tom posed, in character, to illustrate this raw portrait of a man who is literally stripped; a man who is betrayed though still defiant. The background image of the heart’s ventricles references Coriolanus’ lack of diplomacy and his weakness in speaking directly from the heart regardless of the consequences.

Finally, The Machine, a new play that will run at the Manchester International Festival and in New York, tells the story of Deep Blue, a chess-playing computer developed by IBM, and the historic match on May 11, 1997, between the computer and world champion Gary Kasparov.

Our key art features a close crop of Kasparov (reshot with a model) in deep concentration, as one with the chess pieces on the board, showing the player as a literal pawn in the much larger historical context of the games being played between the East and the West.

As seasons go, the Donmar’s takes some beating as an exciting prospect and we hope we’ve created key art to match.