Donmar – New 2022 Season

Over the past few months, our studio have worked very closely with the creative team at the Donmar to develop the new season artwork concepts for A Doll’s House Part 2 (10 June- 6 August) , The Trials (12 – 27 August), Silence (1-17 September), and The Band’s Visit (24 September- 3 December).

The initial brief consisted of loose notions of how the creative might be realised, and from this the team worked to take those initial ideas as far as possible and brought to life.

Another rewarding collaboration ensued which allowed the team to utilise a range of skills including photoshoot direction, retouching, compositing from scratch and developing various typographic solutions.

AKA continues to enjoy the close working relationship with the Donmar and are looking forward to the next creative brief as well as being in the audience to watch the season.