Why choose us?

We are the only global entertainment agency to offer a service spanning all of the following:

  • Creative advertising campaigns
  • Brand partnerships
  • Integrated media strategy, planning & buying
  • Ticketing and insights
  • Marketing
  • Content creation
  • Social media management
  • Campaign analysis and ROI
  • Account management and direction
  • Touring and Venues

Established for more than 20 years...

...our expertise spans theatre, film, live events, museums, galleries and visitor attractions.

We help our clients find and engage with the widest possible audiences, generate a buzz around their events, and convert prospects into customers.

We do this with a unique mixture of smart analytical thinking and bold creative vision.


Find out more about the approach we take to each of our services.

  • Creative Services

    Make an impact where it really counts

    To turn a prospect into a customer, you need to capture their imagination. AKA’s Creative Services department specialises in creative marketing concepts and innovative campaigns that roll out across all collateral, both above and below the line, through digital and traditional media. The team of creative professionals produce original, captivating and impactful work that creates a strong brand identity, demands attention and drives audience numbers.

    With experience of working across a broad range of clients , we understand the importance of building strong, consistent marketing concepts, ensuring not only brand continuity across campaigns, but also the evolution of campaign artwork in response to commercial marketing objectives.

    • Capture the attention of relevant audiences
    • Build, evolve and sustain longevity in the marketplace
    • Ensure brand consistency
  • Brand Partnerships

    Find the perfect partner to reach a whole new audience

    The right brand partnerships can really extend the reach of a marketing campaign. We create strategic brand alliances across multiple sectors including media, retail, hotels, restaurants, FMCG and finance. By matching the right brand with your project, we can access new audiences, raise awareness and drive ticket sales and attendance. Perhaps most importantly, we maximise your marketing budget by taking advantage of each partner brand’s strong profile and established routes to market.

    • Create additional exposure and reach closed user groups
    • Exploit established routes to market
    • Maximise overall campaign impact with an integrated partnership strategy
  • Content Creation

    Fuelling the campaign with fresh, exciting content

    Today’s audiences are accustomed to a rich media ecosystem, where every entertainment experience is supported by a world of additional content. AKA’s Content Creation team excels at producing a wide range of complementary assets that act as fresh fuel for the marketing campaign. From trailers and TV commercials to red carpet footage and cast interviews; social media content to digital outdoor advertising and behind-the-scenes footage, we conceive and develop content to roll out across AV, online and social media channels.

    • End-to-end service
    • Production management, copywriting and graphic design
    • Video and motion graphics production, sound engineering and editing suites
  • Integrated Media Strategy, Planning and Buying

    A smart approach that makes the most of any budget

    AKA’s truly integrated, strategic approach to media planning and buying makes advertising budgets go further. Our media department excels at producing cross-platform, fully integrated media campaigns that represent excellent value for money. We place a lot of emphasis on internal teamwork, coordinating our media approach with creative, content, partnerships and promotions for a smart and focused approach that ultimately delivers the best possible campaign.

    • Fully integrated strategic campaigns across all channels
    • Campaigns crafted by industry experts that deliver across arts, entertainment and events
    • Media planning and buying specialists with UK-wide knowledge
  • Ticketing and Insights

    Get the inside track on ticket sales and admissions

    The Ticketing and Insights team at AKA is a unique resource: our experience in this area is second to none. Nobody knows more about pricing strategies and the competitive marketplace. Our approach blends the fine judgement that comes from decades of experience with the solid foundations of in-depth data analysis. The team helps keep the campaign performing by analysing sales data and pinpointing areas for improvement, as well as managing relationships with our extensive network of ticket agents. It’s a complicated business, but the end result is simple: our clients sell more tickets, driving up admissions and increasing revenue.

    • Regular sales updates for true campaign accountability
    • Learn what’s working and make decisions based on real results
    • Extend the campaign through established ticket agents’ marketing channels
  • Marketing

    Reach the right audience with the right message

    All campaigns need to reach out to specific demographics and interest groups, and AKA’s marketing team has a wealth of cost-effective ways to spread the word, above and beyond traditional media. Working closely with the media team, and backed by our vast and constantly growing database of contacts and opportunities, they use a combination of competitions, offers, contra-deals and data-swaps to deliver the maximum activity and widest reach for each campaign.

    • Significantly extend the reach of the media campaign
    • Conserve advertising spend and maximise the budget
    • Reach audiences through channels that would normally be beyond budget
  • Tap into the power of online communities

    Social media is no longer an optional add-on; it’s a central pillar of all successful marketing campaigns. At AKA, our social marketing experts work as an integral part of the campaign team to ensure a coordinated approach. We deliver social media strategies, content, interaction and social advertising alongside the overall media campaign, and measure and analyse the results as we go. Our expertise extends from social media advertising to community management, content production and blogger outreach.

    • Integrate social marketing with other media activity from the word go
    • Extend the campaign’s reach from owned to earned media opportunities
    • Benefit from the advice of dedicated social media experts
  • Campaign analysis and roi

    Monitor the metrics to ensure value for money

    Anyone who invests in a major media campaign wants to know that the campaign strategy is delivering the desired results.   At AKA, everything we do is underpinned by rigorous measurement and analysis, driven by the need to ensure return on investment. We set key performance indicators at the start of the project, and report on these throughout the campaign, along with the financial metrics of the campaign and qualitative metrics related to advertising  placement. To complete the picture we also monitor the impact of the campaign through softer metrics including webstats, social media likes and video views.

    • Financial metrics: tracking to sale, ticket sales and incremental income, CPI, CPA and CPC
    • Qualitative metrics: positioning, location of poster sites and placement in and around competitive products
    • Softer metrics: webstats, newsletter subscriptions, video views, social media signups, social media likes or followers, sentiment monitoring
  • Benefit from dedicated, personal support

    The best client/agency relationships are based on mutual trust and respect, and that’s what AKA strives for every time. We love to be challenged, and we challenge our clients in return, with a proactive approach that pushes for the best possible campaign and takes advantage of all opportunities. Every project and every campaign is unique, so we put our experience to work from the outset to strategise, plan and deliver an integrated campaign that meets each client’s individual objectives.  We roll up our sleeves and get involved, and are often seen as an extension of the marketing team.

    Our Client Services teams work collaboratively with all relevant specialist departments across the agency to deliver the best possible and most efficient campaign. Just as importantly, we work collaboratively with our clients too.

    • A strategic approach, making best use of AKA’s in-house expertise while also maximising your budget
    • Excellent customer service
    • An extension of your marketing team
  • Touring and Venues

    Full campaign consultancy and service for touring productions and venues

    The AKA Touring and Venues team offer full service sales and marketing for touring productions and live events throughout the UK and Ireland. We believe successful touring requires us to be on the road to sell our shows and ensure that the right campaign is developed for the right show in the right place. With many years of experience and strong relationships at venues up and down the country, the team create and manage strategic integrated advertising and marketing campaigns, and provide sales reporting and analysis on a city by city basis.

    • Pricing consultancy, integrated media planning and buying
    • Bespoke partnerships, promotions and social media strategy

We thrive on challenge & pride ourselves on our collaborative approach

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