AKA’s Creative Content team started a year-long collaboration with producers of the critically acclaimed show Silent Witness, to create a fresh title sequence for its 21st series. The concept had to reflect the shows premise, with particles being pieced together from seeming obscurity, to reveal our ‘silent witness’.

From this initial idea, the team created storyboards before developing animatic mock-ups that visually demonstrated what the tempo, rhythm and movement of the sequence would look like. All animation was created entirely in-house at AKA using X-Particles and Cinema 4D motion graphics, with the Show’s composer re-orchestrating the iconic Silent Witness theme to accompany our visuals.


Silent Witness premiered its newest episodes BBC One this year, drawing a staggering 5.5 million viewers. AKA’s creative work has appeared at the opening of each episode ever since, and we’re thrilled to be part of what is now the longest running crime drama on British television.