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Got the passion but not necessarily the experience? Why not intern at AKA? Whether it’s in the U.S, U.K or Australia, AKA offer placements within all areas including media, marketing, promotions, client services, digital, ticketing and our in-house design studio.

If you’re interested, go to the Contact section and send a C.V and covering letter to the listed contact for the relevant office.

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My best ever holiday was….

(Roll over the faces to find out)

  • Tom Sanderson
    Marketing Admin Assistant
    Skiing in Vermont, USA

  • Richie Kester
    Head of UK Touring and Venues
    Skiing in Whistler

  • Nick Sawyer
    Box Office and Ticketing Exec/Insight Exec
    When I joined AKA! ;-)

  • Emma McLean
    Account Manager
    Long weekend in Berlin with friends

  • Dan Hunter
    Digital Media Manager
    My year away in Australia, New Zealand and Asia

  • Anne Nilsson
    Reception Manager
    My family holidays skiing in Norway

  • Paul Anderton
    Senior Partnerships Manager
    Spent watching Time Team specials

  • Patrick Keyte
    Senior Account Executive
    Going to Vegas to see Britney Spears LIVE

  • Nia Lewis
    Executive Administrative Assistant
    Turkey 2013

  • Holly Oriel
    Executive Assistant to Alain Airth
    Road tripping along the West Coast of America

  • Vicky Winter
    Creative Artworker
    In Italy

  • Mark Sommerschield
    Digital Designer

  • Kirsty Vallance
    Promotions Manager

  • Daisy Campey
    Account Executive
    Umm it’s impossible to choose

  • Catherine Pate
    Client Account Manager

  • Keith Goodenough
    Creative Campaign Artworker

  • Chris Davis
    Account Executive

  • Nicole Rubio

  • Lucy May
    Senior Account Manager
    Guatemala – it’s a stunning country

  • Carla Moran
    Head of Partnerships

  • Emma Dotson
    Deputy Finance Manager
    When I went to Cockfosters  

  • Joseph Hocking
    Account Director

  • Penny Cronin
    Studio Manager

  • Neil Holding
    Media Client Account Manager
    The first time I went to the Seychelles

  • Ian Taylor
    Touring & Events Sales Manager

  • Alex Wood
    Media Assistant
    Tricky but probably a group university trip to Tunisia. Slightly more time spent in shisha cafés than museums

  • Meg Massey
    Account Manager
    Living on a ranch in California when I was 12. Nothing quite compares

  • Jamie Ballantyne
    Exploring Japan

  • Charlotte Thomson
    Head of Promotions and Marketing

  • Katie Cain
    Account Director

  • Paulo Cova
    Creative Artworker

  • Nathalie Mogg
    Senior Account Executive

  • Sarah Bull
    Senior Designer
    When I went to Cockfosters

  • Jane Kortlandt
    Group Financial Accountant
    My honeymoon last year – Vegas, Hawaii and NYC

  • Amanda Lewis
    Business Development Director

  • Damien Frost
    Senior Designer

  • Luca Maclennan
    Agency Development Director

  • Chris Childs
    Merchandise Designer
    Orlando, Florida 2000 and something, don't know which year

  • Martin Crosier
    Sales Director
    Vegas Baby!

  • Samantha Thomas
    Senior Media Planner/Buyer (Outdoor)

  • Adam Kenwright
    Group Chief Executive

  • Jan Baister
    Account Director

  • Chris O’Quinn
    Account Manager

  • Adrian Allen
    Operations and HR Director
    Fishing in Florida Keys…Quite extraordinary

  • Alex Johnson
    Senior Account Executive
    Any August spent in the drizzle of the Edinburgh Fringe holds fond memories

  • Simon Delany
    Client Services Director
    What's a holiday?

  • Jonathan Courtney
    Digital Design Director

  • Adam Dunseath
    Signage and Distribution Manager

  • Dan Kennedy
    IT Manager

  • Joe Arditti
    Events and Attractions Senior Account Manager
    What do you mean.... my LIFE is a holiday

  • Jeremy Basolo
    Mid-weight Developer
    A week in a cottage with a bunch of friends, years ago

  • Giulia Perryman
    Senior Designer

  • Sophie Anderson
    Deputy Head of Marketing
    Ibiza 2006 - post-dissertation; pre-career

  • Matthew Dixon
    Creative Director

  • Jack Bowman
    Promotions and Marketing Executive
    Skiing, New Year 2007

  • Paul Hicks
    Senior Marketing Manager
    Central America - 1992

  • Alicia Howarth
    Executive Assistant
    Always the last one I took

  • Kate Turnbull
    Managing Director
    Honeymoon in Santorini

  • Kate Treglown
    Senior Media Planner/Buyer
    A mountain trip to Switzerland when I was ten

  • Graham Saville
    Senior Designer

  • Zoe Brown
    Senior Media Planner/Buyer
    Monaco.  I got moved on from ogling the front window of Cartier for looking too poor

  • Paul Smith
    Head of Media

  • Tracey Wilkinson
    Creative Artworker

  • Richard Huntrods
    Account Director
    First holiday romance at age of 7, when I broke my new front tooth on a water slide. Exciting times

  • Krista Tuchscherer
    Senior Account Manager
    My recent trip to Mexico – margaritas by the pool at 10am

  • Jamie Reece
    Account Executive
    Barcelona. Each and every time.

  • Jessica Thornicroft
    Account Executive

  • Amy Harvey
    Account Executive

  • Grace Roberts
    Account Manager

  • Kelly Johnson
    Account Director
    Going to Dubai with the girls and being treated like royalty – lovely!

  • Natalie Forrester
    General Manager

  • Holly Williams
    Account Director

  • Sophie Collins
    Office Administrator

  • Natalie Byrne
    Account Manager

  • Megan Ellis
    Media Partnerships and Promotions

  • Vicky Iliopolous
    Publicity Director
    10 weeks on the Greek Islands

  • Kate Macdonald
    Account Manager

  • James Robertson
    Account Manager

  • Kendra Reid
    Managing Director