Our AKA Manchester team has been working on Brains – The Mind as Matter for Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry.

This fascinating exhibition asks not what brains do for us, but what we have done to brains in the name of medical intervention, scientific enquiry, cultural meaning and technological change.  It is one of the first exhibitions in a new strand of ‘Art meets Science’ programming, aimed at attracting a new independent adult audience to MOSI.

The campaign put together by AKA Manchester set out to engage a new adult audience in contemporary science, develop MOSI’s independent adult audience, signal that MOSI is a place for adults to engage with contemporary science and develop a productive relationship with Wellcome Collection in order to facilitate future collaborations.

Our campaign delivers across the full media mix and targets five critical times periods during the exhibition run – Pre-Launch, Exhibition Launch, On-Going Promotion, Manchester Science Festival and Last Chance to See.

The outdoor campaign began with 4 sheet adrails in stations across Greater Manchester and Cheshire along with roadside 6 sheets throughout Manchester City Centre and affluent suburbs. This great coverage, together with the eye-catching 12 sheet column situated outside the Manchester Cornerhouse, all helped to generate impact and buzz around the opening of the exhibition. A further burst of activity in early September, using 48 sheets situated on all the main arterial routes into and around Manchester, helped increase and reinforce awareness around the launch.

The press campaign focussed on engaging a new independent adult audience within the greater Manchester region through stand-out ads in the Guardian and Skinny magazine. In addition to this, the exhibition was brought to the city streets with a timely hand to hand distribution campaign targeting people frequenting key Manchester International Festival venues.

The digital campaign used an exciting mix of social media and online display media to enthuse and retain interest throughout the exhibition. Using Facebook, W00t media and Adpepper and geo-targeting  Manchester and its neighbouring counties, this digital mix helped develop the museum’s fan base, attract the 18-34 year old urban cultured individuals and appeal to 20-35 year olds interested in exhibitions, arts, culture, museums general, popular sciences.

Don’t miss this inspiring exhibition which is running until 4th January 2014.