We’re delighted to be working with the Royal Opera House on its overarching umbrella creative campaign, One Extraordinary World. Like its three predecessors, the most recent Booking Period creative had to illustrate a unifying contemporary fashion aesthetic and appeal to the widest demographic of audiences possible.

The two forthcoming Linbury Studio productions of The Importance of Being Earnest and Hansel and Gretel were our starting point for the final concept in the One Extraordinary World series. We used these productions as a thematic framework to underpin the composition and narrative. Figures within the creative do allude to lead characters within the two productions but also stretch beyond that, creating something new, bespoke and exciting.

As part of this design, electricity pylons span a semi-urban setting, with power lines entwined as if trails through a maze. Two gang members hurriedly head home in early morning. As the moon sets a seated matriarchal figure looms disapprovingly over the pairing – her characteristics blurring with those of a fairy tale witch or a Lady Bracknell-like elderly governor.

Once again, we worked with Tim Gutt and Shona Heath on the visual articulation of the concept, aiming to capture a youthful exuberance and twilight otherworldliness aligned to contemporary styling.