Sweeney Todd on the move

When one of the best reviewed musicals of last year announced its move to the West End, we wanted to create a cutting-edge Sweeney Todd mobile website that was fit for the Barber himself.

With 20 – 25% of internet traffic to entertainment sites now coming from handheld devices, having a stand out mobile website is a must for any of our clients. That said successful mobile websites can’t simply replicate their desktop equivalents. The wants and needs of a user accessing a mobile site are typically different and need to be catered for.

Highly anticipated musical Sweeney Todd’s mobile website not only showcases some of the fantastic content developed for the show – including aka produced video trailers – but also but also caters to the different requirements of someone accessing the site through a mobile device, whether searching for practical answers or browsing for fun. For example, that day’s performance times and directions to the theatre are featured on the mobile website’s front page, easily accessible for someone who might be out and in need of information quickly and easily.

Our design also factored in different devices and the optimal way of viewing content through a range of mobile channels. Whether using an iPad or an Android phone, we can now safely say that anyone wanting to find out more about the Demon Barber of Fleet Street can get the full experience, irrespective of device.

Have a closer look at our designs in the below gallery.