Students at the opera

We were thrilled to help the Royal Opera House (ROH) engage students across the country with its varied programme of events.

In collaboration with the organisation, we instituted the entirely new ROH Student Ambassador Scheme. The initiative is helping develop a loyal and dedicated team of ambassadors who, in turn, spread positive word-of-mouth, distribute marketing collateral, secure coverage with their university media, and provide access to key student areas including libraries, societies, halls of residence and relevant departments at their own universities, all the while learning more about the ROH and its productions.

In addition, the new scheme has evolved a crucial dialogue between the ROH and the student audience with selected ambassadors encouraged to talk to their peers and think of innovative ways in which the ROH develop their student offering.

The scheme was promoted to both the existing ROH student database and aka’s equivalent at the start of September 2012. Following a few months of promotion, over 300 applications were received from across the UK. 25 students were shortlisted and invited to interview at the ROH, with 21 Ambassadors being appointed for the 2012/13 academic year.

The successful 21 ambassadors were invited to a Welcome event at the ROH where they were taken on a backs stage tour of the ROH, introduced to the scheme and the details of their role, and were then treated to see the Royal Ballet’s Mixed Programme featuring Viscera, Infra and Fool’s Paradise.

The Ambassadors will attend a number of events at the ROH throughout the year, in which they will come together with the ROH team and aka to think of new ways that the ROH can target students and learn of new initiatives that they are to promote within their campuses.

The scheme, which has been featured in The Independent, is being co-managed by the ROH and aka’s Marketing Education department and there are already plans to continue the scheme with a fresh batch of ambassadors for September 2013.