Stomping online

To celebrate Stomp’s 10th anniversary in the West End, aka designed and developed a new website for the show.

After a peak TV audience in the UK of 26.3 million witnessed Stomp perform in the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony, it was important to create a website which represented the energy and humour of Stomp, one that continued to build that on that impression.

Using jQuery technology, the newly designed website creative is even more interactive. In fact, the website can now respond to movement from a mouse/cursor, providing an extra element of dynamism. In addition to this, the website showcases Stomp’s educational offerings, whilst remaining the first port of call for all essential information on an iconic, long-running London show.

Now in its 11th sensational year in London (and a remarkable 23rd year overall) the Stompers show no sign of stopping just yet!