STOMP makes a mark

International sensation STOMP, which is currently celebrating its tenth year in the West End, was invited to be part of the London 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony.

As the multi-award winning STOMP is built around the universal language of rhythm, theatre, comedy and dance, it was a particularly fitting choice for such a global extravaganza and its huge international audience. To reflect this wide reach, the one-off Olympic performance assembled 40 STOMP cast members from 13 nations – all of whom made use of bin lids, drum containers and even wooden sticks to explosively hammer out a feel good rhythm!

A peak TV audience in the UK of 26.3 million were treated to an unparalleled spectacle. And many, it seems, wanted more!

As soon as STOMP was introduced during the Ceremony, traffic to its website increased tenfold. In addition, mobile traffic was 1600% higher than average during the Closing Ceremony as viewers searched for information online. Subsequently ticket sales have sky rocketed, with the show proudly receiving its highest weekly attendance for many years.

To find out more, why not view some highlights from the Closing Ceremony, including STOMP’s performance, here? Or, alternatively, you can behind the scenes to see STOMP’s preparation for this huge event.