Showing the way to Wonderland

The team in Manchester have created a surefire way to make audiences stop in their tracks – full colour pavement adverts!

If you’ve been walking along the streets of Liverpool recently, you may well have come across a fabulous ‘environmentally friendly’ pavement stencil directing you to the Tate Liverpool and either its Magritte or Alice in Wonderland exhibitions.

Our Manchester office arranged the placement of these innovative chalk stencils across the pavements of shopping, residential and leisure complex Liverpool One, aiming to both raise awareness of the landmark events happening in the nearby venue and to suggest a slight diversion for those
off-the-street attendees who might want an impromptu activity to fill an hour or two in the centre of the city.

Using 100% bio-degradable chalk the full colour pavement adverts will withstand whatever weather and however many pedestrians lively Liverpool throws at them!