A new season at the Donmar Warehouse is, understandably, a huge event in the theatrical calendar and, as the Donmar’s marketing agency, we were yet again excited to work on the concept artwork for 2014’s new shows.

Kevin Elyot’s award-winning My Night with Reg caused shock waves when it was initially performed in the 80s with its frank and bittersweet depiction of gay lives as a specific point in time. Now, in its first major revival, our creative sought to communicate how the play captures the fragility of friendship, happiness and life itself. Focusing on that familiar morning-after feeling, our photography features one of the play’s protagonists among the debris of last night’s revelries; struck by a moment of reflection and realisation, bathed in a Derek Jarman-esque blue light.

Another classic receiving a welcome restaging is Cy Coleman and David Zippel’s City of Angels, a deservedly lauded piece of 20th century musical theatre. Set in the Golden Age of Hollywood, our creative captures the atmospherics of film noir, with leading lady Rosalie Craig and her poised cigarette holder channelling screen goddesses like Barbra Stanwyck and Lauren Baccall. Similarly our title treatment pays homage to the bold and brazen typefaces of 1940s thrillers, signalling the intrigue, passion and glamour at the heart of the show.

Finally, Phyllida Lloyd returns to the Donmar Warehouse with the latest instalment of her gender-reversed Shakespeare adaptations. In a nod to her phenomenally successful Julius Caesar, the peerless Harriet Walter heads the cast in the hotly-anticipated Henry IV. Our creative reaffirms this, showing Walter’s King as an empowered woman – independent, strong and defiant – set against the backdrop of a stark and uncompromising urban landscape.