Putting kids in charge!

As part of SOLT’s Kids Week 2012 activities, aka hosted a Poster Design Workshop at the end of last month. The session was a handy introduction into the world of theatre poster design and the process involved in developing a West End show’s marketing campaign.

The workshop, which was attended by 15 12 – 16 year olds, was hosted by aka’s very own Adrian Allen, Jane Dodson and aka Senior Designer Graham Saville. Each one of the participants was passionate to learn more about arts marketing – they’d come to right place!

During the workshop, the kids looked at various iconic aka show posters and learned how and why they were designed as they are, i.e. how font and colouring is used to portray genre, how review quotes and actor names are placed to catch the eye and how posters effectively establish a recognisable ‘brand’ with a specific and unique visual motif (for example Billy Elliot’s jumping boy, War Horse’s eye, Shrek’s fun green typeface)

Using what they had learned from this exercise, they were then tasked with the challenge of working together to design a show poster for ‘KIDS WEEK – THE MUSICAL’.

To teach them valuable business skills, the challenge was conducted as an informal (and fun!) business meeting; meaning that the group had to collectively reach a consensus on all decisions about font, colouring, background, placement of image and the overall layout.

Following the session, all the children who visited aka for the day were given a goody bag with show merchandise as memento of their day. To see more, have a look at our photo gallery below.