Who they are, where they live, what makes them tick, why they attend, and how we can reach them? Our Audience team offers a range of research solutions (both quantitative and qualitative) to help you gain a greater understanding of your customers. We deliver high quality, actionable insights that can make a real difference to campaign messaging, creative, media planning and/ or product offering. 

AKA AUDIENCES provides the following services:

Culture Insights

Test artwork, copy, and/or public awareness and affinity with our online research panel of nearly 5,000 cultural enthusiasts. We can get you results within 48 hours if necessary.

Focus Groups

For more in depth, qualitative feedback, we run focus groups, recruiting participants from our Culture Insights panel or from your own customer database. We understand you haven’t got weeks/ months to wait for feedback and can organise a focus group with one week’s notice if needed.

Customer surveys

If you want to find out more about your customers – who they are, what they think of your show/ event, why they came, who they came with, where they heard of you and would they recommend you? – we can create a survey that will do this. This can be emailed directly to your customers, or via on site interviews, using ipads.

TGI (Target Group Index)

Define your audience within the UK’s leading media planning tool, and identify their key demographics, interests, beliefs, brand and media consumption.

Data profiling

Quick and effective, we can deliver valuable insights about your customers using just their postcode data, alongside either Mosaic or Audience Spectrum customer segmentation tools. We can then overlay TGI data to obtain detailed media profiles of your key customer groups.

Data mapping

We can map your sales data, clearly showing where your customers are coming from and identifying key postcode/ areas.

Data/ research consolidation

If you’ve got files full of audience research from multiple sources but you can’t see the wood for the trees, maybe we can help you to make sense of it all and consolidate it into a single working deck.

Workshop leadership

We run workshop sessions to help clients bring together staff members, departments and stakeholders to establish and agree marketing propositions, project USPs, target audiences, sales messaging etc.

Please contact us if you would like further information, or would like to speak to one of our research consultants.

Clients who have used our research services include: