Prime Minister Jim Hacker makes headlines

Taking its cue from recent news stories, aka took full advantage when smash West End hit Yes Prime Minister found itself in the unusual position of having two homes on Shaftesbury Avenue.

Due to public demand, the comedy finished its season at the Apollo Theatre only to take residency at the neighbouring Gielgud Theatre – prompting double takes from passers-by as the play (and its prominent Front of House display) appeared to be running in two adjacent venues.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity, we created a spoof news report video which claimed that Jim Hacker, the fictional Prime Minister and protagonist of the play, had two London-based residencies, off the back of the highly-publicised MPs’ expenses scandals.

The humorous video required a supremely quick turnaround to make sure that it remained relevant, meaning that our in-house Video team had to get exactly what they needed in two takes, maximising the time that they had with the cast. That, and the video’s trademark Yes Prime Minister humour, meant that the team responsible were awarded the inaugural Get Creative award as voted by aka staff.

Get Creative is an aka initiative we run throughout the year which allows everyone in the company to appreciate the imaginative, creative and thoroughly effective work that we produce on a daily basis.