As a chocolate-loving show, unsurprisingly the Matilda The Musical Social team got into the Easter spirit. To sate their chocolate-y cravings, they held an online Easter egg hunt competition, ‘hiding’ Easter Eggs in photos across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram over the course of a few days.

Fans had to find the special egg branded photos which were posted with a lyric caption (as you can see below) and then fill in the missing words to decipher the ‘secret’ message; ‘Revolting children love chocolate’.

We also trialed a competition app called Rafflecopter which allowed fans to submit this secret message onto the website for a chance to win tickets to the show, driving traffic to the site. By hiding the eggs on different channels, we also cross-promoted each of the social platforms and as a result received a staggering 1000 entries, gained 389 new Twitter followers, 1069 Facebook likes and 249 Instagram followers!