Life imitates art for A Chorus Line

Given its award-winning run in Australia, we are delighted to have been appointed the global marketing agency for A Chorus Line. And when you’re dealing with a singular sensation like this incredible show, then the excitement is contagious!

To help build and sustain the return of this classic show, our first step within the UK market was to engage with fans and the uninitiated through social media channels.

With open auditions taking place in the London Palladium, the social media team were on hand to cover the event where life imitated art for the hopeful auditionees.  Working with the A Chorus Line marketing team to ensure an integrated approach across all marketing, we teased the open auditions in the week leading up to the event, inviting the existing social media fanbase to join the auditions and spread the word.

Then, on an extremely rainy Monday morning, the social team headed down to the London Palladium to be make their strategy a reality. Working with over a 1,000 dancers from all of the country (some of them queuing for hours under the pouring rain) as well the casting team, we distributed content through the Facebook page, Twitter account, Youtube channel, Google+, Instagram and Foursquare account throughout the day. This was done through a mixture of photos, videos and updates as well as direct interactions from dancers mentioning us on social media.

Join us on our social media properties to follow the rest of the audition process and see the next social media activities we have planned for our fans. In the meantime, why not have a look at our gallery to see some of our Instagrammed documents of what could potentially be a life-changing day. Like the show it supports, the gallery’s a snapshot into the life of a working dancer!