Justin and Shayne break through the screen for Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages is notorious for being the musical that breaks all the rules, so why should its online campaign be any different?

To establish the fun, borderline anarchic character of the show, we involved stars Justin Lee Collins and Shayne Ward in an online banner campaign with a difference!

The MPU campaign creative by connect, aka’s digital division, featured Shayne and Justin breaking the fourth wall and introducing the show by directly addressing the viewer. They also clearly indicate, through pointing at the different areas of the screen, where viewers can find out more by clicking through to the Twitter, Facebook and YouTube links. Finally, and all importantly, the stars direct viewers to the ‘buy tickets’ link within the body of the MPU format.

In its first week, over 382,200 people saw the campaign through its placement on popular entertainment sites and over 8,800 people have engaged with the video. In total the campaign achieved 10,079 engagements from 468,849 page impressions – an engagement rate of 2.15% – the highest engagement rate online media owner Silence Media recorded in 2011.


ROA: Interactive Banner
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