Joining the adventure with Shrek The Musical

Our new creative artwork for the smash hit DreamWorks’ Shrek The Musical needed to truly integrate the next phase of the musical’s marketing campaign.

We were tasked to create unifying artwork that felt bespoke for each medium; artwork that, essentially, looked as strong and appealing as a digital banner as it did as part of a video trailer or as a standalone lift and escalator panel.

We creatively established a distinct point of difference for the stage blockbuster, based on the insight that booking tickets to Shrek The Musical takes fans, families and theatregoers on their own exciting adventure. With our new creative, we wanted this journey, which culminates in enjoying Shrek The Musical, to be a shared one for all audiences.

All taglines and messages for Shrek The Musical were then shifted to reflect this new central concept. The resulting new copy is almost a call to action, inviting people to take part and enjoy the adventure of Shrek The Musical, a production that has already enthralled thousands of audience members worldwide.

In addition, we continued to reflect Shrek The Musical’s individual charm, its wit, personality and style, keeping the brilliant cast of characters front and centre of our artwork and building audience recognition.

Have a look at the below gallery to see more examples of the new creative.