After designing the creative for its sold-out run at the Tricycle Theatre, AKA was thrilled to be asked to support Handbagged’s transfer to the West End.

Set in the 1980s, this wickedly funny comedy is about the relationship between Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth II, as told by their younger and older selves.

Because the play is set primarily in the 1980s, we wanted our designed creative to represent this time period, while also displaying the respectful rivalry between the two main characters.

The key art for the campaign is the product of a photo-shoot with two of the main characters, Fenella Woolgar (Young Thatcher) and Marion Bailey (Old Queen Elizabeth II). The art features their cropped faces, side by side, staring at the camera. Their friendly, yet tense relationship is shown by their facial expressions.

In order to successfully represent the time period, the portraits of the women are treated in a Warhol-esque style, looking like “illustrations” instead of actual photographs. Because the play is a comedy, we also wanted our campaign to be bright and bold, which is why we kept the primary colour pallet that we used in the creative for the original production at the Tricycle Theatre.