We are absolutely delighted to be working with the Museum of London on the creative for the Sherlock Holmes: The man who never lived and will never die.

The exhibition, which opens on 17th October 2014, is set to be a blockbuster addition to the museum’s record-breaking 2013-2014 season. Following the Museum of London’s recent announcement of 1,000,000 visitors in less than 12 months for the first time ever, it was imperative that our campaign helped continue this trend while contributing to the museum’s objective of increasing footfall, revenue and overall brand awareness.

In order to assist the Museum of London in achieving its goals, our creative campaign, which will span across print, outdoor, and digital, needed to hit the perfect balance between instantly familiar Sherlock iconography and a fresh, contemporary perspective. The resulting concept design invites audiences to explore the mind of Sherlock Holmes, underlines his huge significance within the London landscape and gives an insight into the exhibition’s unique and exciting proposition.