On Sunday Billy Elliot was streamed live to cinema’s across the world. The social team have been building awareness and buzz about the event for the last few months and were at the theatre on the day to attempt something never done by AKA before…

By acknowledging the numbers of committed Billy fans we have, plus tapping into the Billy Elliot theme of community, we decided to ask our fans to work together to get #BillyLive trending. We used emotive phrases such as ‘together we can do this Billyvers!’, ‘#Solidarity’ and ‘lets #StandAsOne’ to rally support and create a strong Billy community.

The response was unprecedented. The Tweets came in thick and fast bang on 1.30pm with all our fans determined to work together to get #BillyLive trending.

Not only did we manage it, we moved up to the second trending topic, meaning #BillyLive was the second most talked about topic on Twitter within the UK at that time! We also remained a trending topic well into the evening of 28 September.

#BillyLive reached 5.4 million people within 24 hours, receiving just under 5,000 tweets.