From stage to screen and back again

In conjunction with the release of the DVD for the smash hit film of ‘The Woman in Black’ starring Daniel Radcliffe, we created a spooky trailer which showcased the long-running stage production that inspired the film.

Our in-house video team was responsible for every aspect of the video shoot, from storyboarding through to shooting. For this exciting video project, they worked closely with theatre staff to get full access to the stage, costume and props which, all combined, leant a level of authenticity to the trailer as a whole.

Shooting on state of the art HD cameras, our team were able to give create this trailer a cinematic feel while being true to the theatrical environment of the play. We also collaborated with an award-winning sound designer to create a chilling soundscape that was reminiscent of the production itself.

Most importantly this was a perfect opportunity for us to remind fans of ‘The Woman in Black’ film and Daniel Radcliffe, that there was another way to experience Susan Hill’s gripping story – one that was just as compellingly scary but live on the London stage.

Have a look at the finished product below. We’d recommend not watching it alone!