Fancy a berry smoothie for breakfast?

Looking at last month’s RAJAR figures, Capital is still No.1 choice for Londoner’s at Breakfast time – whilst Magic KISS goodbye to Third Place and move on up!

London Breakfast

95.8 Capital Radio was still the favourite in Q4 2011, with more than 1.3 million listeners tuning in between 6am and 10am. Lisa Snowdon presented the show with the long-standing Capital DJ Johnny Vaughan until mid-November – Dave Berry took over the early morning job from Vaughan after Christmas; stay tuned for Q1 2012’s RAJAR figures on whether Dave and Lisa can hold on to their Breakfast crowns…

Magic 105.4 put in an impressive performance in Q4 to reclaim the number two spot in the capital.

The station enjoyed a fantastic 18.3% QoQ rise and a 9.1% YoY increase in weekly reach to 848,000 listeners for Neil Fox’s Breakfast spot.

Bauer’s KISS also had a bumper quarter – up 19.7% –  meaning it now sits in third place ahead of Global’s Heart 106.2 FM (which was second in the rankings in Q3 2011). The Rickie and Melvin breakfast show now has a weekly reach of 838,000 listeners.

Heart lost out in Q4, falling -3.4% Quarter-on-Quarter to 814,000 listeners. However, the Global-owned station is up 11.8% on Q4 2010.

LBC 97.3 had a good period, with its reach increasing 19.5% QoQ and 6.6% YoY giving them a weekly Breakfast audience of 630,000.

Total Absolute Radio Network (London) and XFM 104.9 posted very positive YoY figures (up 22.2% to 474,000 and 29.5% to 228,000 respectively).

Choice FM London and Smooth Radio (London) both suffered both quarterly and yearly declines.

All UK Radio

The latest RAJAR figures based on performance in Q4 2011 saw All Radio’s reach dip, taking it below the 47 million listener mark to 46.677 million – down 1% on the previous quarter.  Q2 2011 saw All Radio’s reach at its zenith – hitting a whopping all-time high of 47.6 million

Commercial Radio fell below the 33 million mark last quarter – reporting a 2.7% decline (an annual decline of 0.7%).

Despite this, Digital radio performed strongly in Q4 2011, with weekly reach of people listening to radio via a digital platform increasing by 10% on the same period in 2010.  Over twenty-three million people now tune in to radio via a digitally-enabled receiver – DAB Radio, Digital Television or internet portals – each week.  Digital listening hours for Q4 2011 are drastically increased – up 15% annually (from 26.2 million hours in Q4 2010 to 30 million hours in Q4 2011.)

As ever, DAB radio maintains its position as the most popular device when it comes to listening to digital radio, accounting for 66.7% of all digital listening hours – listening via Digital Television and the internet both continue to rise year on year however (up by 1.8% and 10.2% respectively.)  Notably, the latest RAJAR data reveals that 15.1% of adults aged 15+ listened to the radio via a mobile phone in Q4 – again another annual increase (14.1%.)

London Stations – Total weekly audience reach at a glance

95.8 Capital FM

Total Weekly Reach Q4 2011: 2,254,000
QoQ: +3.4%
YoY: +14.9%


Total Weekly Reach Q4 2011: 2,167,000
QoQ: +8.7%
YoY: +5.7%


Total Weekly Reach Q4 2011: 1,931,000
QoQ: -4.7%
YoY: +9.3%


Total Weekly Reach Q4 2011: 1,874,000
QoQ: +10.0%
YoY: +2.9%


Total Weekly Reach Q4 2011: 967,000
QoQ: +15.0%
YoY: -0.1%

Total Absolute Radio

Total Weekly Reach Q4 2011: 816,000
QoQ: +5.8%
YoY: +21.1%

Absolute Radio London

Total Weekly Reach Q4 2011: 554,000
QoQ: +0.5%
YoY: +7.2%

Smooth Radio

Total Weekly Reach Q4 2011: 456,000
QoQ: -25.5%
YoY: -2.4%


Total Weekly Reach Q4 2011: 406,000
QoQ: -6.7%
YoY: -23.3%

National Noteable

Classic FM

Total Weekly Reach Q4 2011: 5,364,000
QoQ: -0.4%
YoY: -6.2%