To publicise the new season going on-sale for the Royal Opera House, our Media team secured a week long residency on the Daily Telegraph website’s Opera Channel and a run of Culture Channel Megabanner campaign.

This ran for seven days, with the Opera takeover providing 100% share of voice to the Telegraph’s core Opera booking audience and the run of Culture activity reaching a wider arts-aware, ABC1 audience.

From previous campaign analysis, we have seen that the Opera channel provides excellent ROI while the run of section activity increases average clickthrough rates and overall revenue. This activity was then be supported by further online banner adverts across a re-targeting network, focussing on established newsbrands, enabling messaging to be re-served to users who have already seen the more impactful format.

Importantly, this activity will garner over two million impressions amongst a 76% ABC1 audience – fantastic exposure for this prestigious venue. See the takeover below.