Edinburgh Fringe goes mainstream

Each summer Edinburgh becomes a global hub of creativity with its ever expanding, all-encompassing Fringe Festival. Having now been at the forefront of innovative, cutting edge dance, drama, performance art and, most famously, comedy for over 50 years, we were thrilled to assist the festival with its social and online campaigns.

Known for being irreverent and witty, the Edinburgh Fringe brand unsurprisingly lends itself to social media and engagement with its visitors. As such, Twitter was a great channel for this campaign.

Since our tenure as digital agency of choice, the numbers of @edfringe followers rose by 6000, while Facebook saw a rise of over 10,000 fans to over 40,000. Interactivity and dialogue were the key elements to this aspect of the campaign – during the time the festival was running, we made sure that we engaged with the vast majority (92%) of Twitter users who mentioned @edfringe, meaning that the brand lived and breathed online for potential audiences. On top of this, those who interacted with the Edinburgh Fringe also were keen to share information, virality for this campaign increased exponentially from March through to September.

Our online media buying also yielded strong results; the adverts themselves generated over 12 million impressions between March and August, with an impressive return on investment of approximately £10.80 for every £1 spend pointing to a successful and persuasive call to action. This is partially due to potential audiences being more actively involved with adverts and spending 3% more time engaging with creative than the industry average for entertainment clients.

See a small snapshot of the activity undertaken for the Edinburgh Fringe below.