The second phase of the Walking with Dinosaurs regional tour campaign has kicked into action and it’s been difficult to hide from the Dinos ever since!

As part of this, our Partnerships team secured a great giveaway across six regional titles that were selected to highlight the epic scale of the arena production amongst family audiences. The promotion was built around a fantastic Walking with Dinosaurs branded poster which was inserted into the centre of several leading regional newspaper titles.

The giant poster featured great photos, facts about dinosaurs and behind-the-scenes information on the show. And, as the poster freebie was supported by front page newspapers page puffs, as well as a series of anticipation-building teaser adverts, excitement was a high.

The Sheffield Star, Birmingham Mail, Coventry Telegraph, Newcastle Sunday Sun, Glasgow Daily Record and the Nottingham Evening Post all took part, providing a combined reach of over 1 million readers for this specific campaign. In addition, the free-of-charge promotional space secured for the giveaway is valued at over £120,000, so the dinosaurs are truly making their mark!


Main image by David Scheinmann