Dancing into 2012 with a media first

On 31st December 2011, we were delighted to secure a media first for Billy Elliot The Musical with the Daily Telegraph Review.

Our media team secured this unique standout advertising site working directly with the Editorial and Advertising departments at the Daily Telegraph, providing a perfect showcase for Billy Elliot The Musical’s fantastic creative. The inside front cover double page spread was a new large-scale format for the paper, enabling us to reach 1,521,000 readers (NRS April 11 – Sept 11), 70% of whom are regular theatre-goers (TGI Q4 2010) during the all-important festive season.

Billy Elliot The Musical has traditionally focused its budget on outdoor media campaigns; this advert was part of a wider seasonal press campaign, designed to reintroduce Billy Elliot The Musical to the valuable broadsheet audience, which also included the Times and the Guardian.