Curious Minds

Under our Curious Minds programme, AKA contributes towards a recreation, training or development activity for each member of staff.  

Curious Minds – Digital Creative Director Jonathan Courtney’s Cookery Master class

Jonathan attended a Good Housekeeping cookery class. Here’s what he had to say;

I attended the French Bistro cooking class at the Good Housekeeping institute cooking school in Soho. We learned how to bone and prepare a chicken, create a French onion soup from scratch and a slow cooked Coq Au Vin, finished off by a homemade Tarte Tatin (which some of the studio can testify was delicious).

The course lasted 4 hours and I can HIGHLY recommend anyone interested in cooking take a course there! There were only three students and with two instructors I learned a tonne.

Jonathan Courtney, Digital Creative Director

Curious Minds – Senior Designer Damien Frosts 365 days of incredible portrait’s

For the last year Damien has been working on a photographic project after work, taking portraits of the interesting and colourful people of Soho and East London. From drag queens, club-kids, burlesque performers and artists to the more stately rock stars such as Jarvis Cocker or Theatre stars such as Ian McKellen, Damien has documented the creative community on the streets of late night London.  These amazing photos already have over 57,000 followers on Damien’s instagram account http://instagram.com/harmonyhalo/ and Damien is achieving his dream of turning his photographic project into a published coffee table book by printing a sample booklet to send to publishers.