Creative that’s second to Nunn

Historically, the Theatre Royal Haymarket has always been a bastion for prestige drama in the West End. Its name is famously synonymous with consistently fantastic productions, shows that are must-see events, within any season.

When the Trevor Nunn Season at the venue was announced, we were delighted to work with the Theatre Royal Haymarket to help develop a separate brand identity for the upcoming plays within the season. Each show needed to be true to its own identity and character, whilst maintaining the consistent season brand. We wanted to showcase, where possible, the widely celebrated and well-known actors starring in the plays, helping to build audience recognition and excitement.

The resulting creative For Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, The Lion in Winter and The Tempest successfully met this brief. The gallery below showcases the designs that were developed by our in-house creative team; a collection that communicates the quality of the plays within the Trevor Nunn Season, using a colour palette and style that is instantly associated with the Theatre Royal Haymarket.