Last week, the AKA Media Team were on hand to secure some impactful Press and Outdoor opportunities for our friends at Artichoke, in collaboration with 14-18 Now, in the lead up to their nationwide activation Processions: a large scale even which took place across the UK’s capital cities on Sunday 10th June celebrating 100 years since the first UK women won the right to vote. Thousands of women and girls marching with banners appeared as flowing rivers of green, white and violet through the UK‘s capital cities.
Competitive short term deals on The Front Page Strip across the national run of The Metro and Outside Back Cover of London’s Evening Standard ensured commuters across all major cities were aware of Sunday’s events (even running copy in Welsh for the Cardiff issues), while a last minute deal for space on the Transvision Screen at Edinburgh Waverly Rail Station drove last minute impacts at Scotland’s 2nd busiest station, and the busiest in the city where the march was taking place.
We are honoured to have supported them on such a fantastic event.