Celebrating with Sweeney

We helped the Demon Barber of Fleet Street celebrate his milestone 50th birthday, while also giving one Sweeney Todd fan a present that really made his special day!

As part of our continual social media engagement strategy, we asked the army of Sweeney Todd Facebook fans to let us know us when their birthdays were. After being inundated with responses within minutes of posting, we selected one lucky fan and, as a birthday treat, posted a personalised message from Michael Ball onto his wall.

But that wasn’t all the celebrating we did for the campaign! With Michael Ball reaching his 50th birthday during the show’s run, we couldn’t resist continuing the theme. We asked members of the Sweeney Todd Facebook group to help celebrate Michael’s special day and send through anything that they’d like to communicate to the Sweeney Todd star.

Spotting a great opportunity, we then created a very special, bespoke card for Michael which included all of the Facebook fans messages to him. When we presented the finished product he was blown away! We posted images that featured Michael proudly showing off the special, one-of-a kind card and, to further involve fans, also added the finished product to the Facebook fan page, so that it could be downloaded as a memento.

The post of Michael with his card received great engagement with 347 “likes”, 31 shares and 71 comments – reaching around 116,000 people across Facebook. All in all, a fantastic increase in awareness of the show through social media channels.

Have a look at some of the social media activity in our image gallery below.