To encourage new, younger audiences to  The Shed and to consolidate it as one of the capital’s premier venues for new writing, our Partnerships team have established an exclusive, year-long partnership with fashion retailer JOY.

This partnership was chosen specifically to ensure that awareness of The Shed was built amongst youthful, culturally aware demographic. As well as a dynamic and colourful in-store presence, the relationship also gives The Shed valuable access to a the shop’s database of desirable potential audiences. In fact, as part of this activity, JOY’s regular customers have even been given an exclusive booking period for each new production at the venue – a great opportunity to experience some of the UK’s best new writing.

Across 20 JOY stores, we have vibrant in-store marketing on every shop window promoting The Shed and including the tag line ‘JOY loves The Shed’, as well as 10,000 A6 postcards communicating news of the collaboration to customers. The Shed also has a dedicated banner online at The JOY Store, a dedicated webpage and has featured in their Blog frequently, as well as their social media.

It doesn’t stop here… a JOY cocktail ‘JOY de Vivre’ is also for sale at The Shed, and two separate competitions are due to go live in July in The Shed and in JOY stores supported by decals and postcards. Definitely lots of reasons to be joyful!