As part of our on-going relationships with the Science Museum, we’ve delivered the full-service marketing campaign for their latest exhibition Collider – a unique chance for the public to “step inside the world’s greatest experiment”. Appropriately enough, this immersive experience blends theatre, video and sound art with real artefacts from CERN to recreate a visit to the famous Large Hadron Collider.

Our marketing campaign has explored new and innovative ways for the Science Museum to engage potential audiences as well as traditional exhibition attenders.  We took advantage of new media choices that the museum hadn’t run before, including phone kiosk 6 sheets and digital LCD outdoor placements, as well as pioneering a UK media first with MediaMind’s Republic Project Facebook engagement unit.

Another first for AKA and the Science Museum was running display advertising through the Amazon Exchange network, which showed adverts against contextual book searches on science and astronomy subjects, ensuring that those with relevant interests were aware of Collider’s unique proposition.

You can have a look at some of the highlights from the campaign below.