Our annual, highly exciting Quiz Night once again pitted brain against brain, with CP joining AKA at The Old Explorer pub off of Oxford Street.

In joyfully jumbled up teams, AKAers got to know their CP equivalents a little better and vice versa, while attempting to prove that they are the Most Brainiest of Brainy People (an unofficial title). When all was said and done the Synaptic Jumpers won a supremely tight affair, with just six points separating the victors from last place.

Congratulations should go to teammates Simon Delany, Martin Butterworth, Katharine Zopolo, Violette Verite, Zoe Brown, Tom Ellis and Adrian Allen.

Once again, our quizmaster Pete and his partner Ellie put on an amazing night for our enjoyment, testing the limits of CP’s films and AKA’s show knowledge respectively, while finding some time for a quick round of bingo. You can see some more images below.

We can’t wait for the next one!