Baking up a storm!

While the Great British Bake Off finale may’ve been an all-male affair, its aka equivalent was much more balanced, with Senior Account Manager Krista Tuchscherer, Artworker Jamie Ballantyne, video expert Sam Palmer and PAM’s own Sarah Theodorou all baking some signature delicacies.

After over 40 cakes were baked over three months, the finalists were selected based on the highest average rating received by their peers and competitors. The four highest scoring bakers were than tasked to create one final showstopper.

The theme for the Rate My Cake Final was, fittingly, musical shows and, as you can see from the below gallery, each participant was inspired. A Book of Mormon cake was served appropriately by Jamie dressed in Mormon Elder garb, while Sam modelled a Spider-Man mask while presenting his cheesecake. Krista’s Simba the Lion King treat showed off some top notch icing skills, while Sarah’s rival Spider-Man confection had a real patisserie’s touch.

After the cakes were demolished by a rather greedy judging panel and the votes were cast and counted, Sarah Theodorou emerged as the overall winner, proudly receiving the coveted wooden spoon at an All Company meeting a few days later.

Here’s to a great few months of intense cooking competition! Thanks to all the bakers that took part.