To promote the Olivier-winning comedy Handbagged amongst an influential ABC1 audience, our Specialist Promotions have been bagging top flight specialist promotions left, right and centre.

This activity has included a print and online campaign with Guardian Extra for the show’s West End transfer. Using the Handbagged’s hotel partner, Radisson Blu Edwardian, the team secured a West End weekend competition to win top price tickets and an overnight stay, which was hosted on the Guardian website, featured on an in-print advert and signposted via a main feature on its e-newsletter. All of this in the month where Guardian and Observer online reported a record 102,286,881 monthly unique worldwide browsers!

The total reach of this promotion was around 378,182 and it has generated over 4,662 entries so far.

In addition, we’ve also been developing exciting promotions to target an “intelligentsia” audience, especially those with an interest in politics. Not only would this group be naturally drawn to the subject matter but, in addition, they are six times more likely than the national average to see a play each month and have a high disposable income.

So far we’ve organised activity with The Week, Private Eye, The Spectator, The New Statesman as well as The House and Total Politics websites with more to come!