An aerial adventure with Shrek

Shrek The Musical is a magical, breath-taking family show, which is why we developed some interactive online advertising banners that really let fans and potential audiences join in with the adventure.

The new campaign was part of our work this summer as the exclusive entertainment partner for London 2012 official tourist listings destination VisitLondon.com; a website which, among other things, promotes the capital’s theatre to visitors online who are planning their itineraries.

The key element of the fun campaign was creating engagement that would also introduce the consumer into the broader world of Shrek, building on the excitement that already surrounds the production.

The finished campaign, which you can see below, brings to life the concept of “Joining the Adventure”, Shrek The Musical’s key message. To get involved, all consumers had to do was enter their postcode/zipcode into the banner advert which enabled them to take a small but exciting adventure from their home straight to Shrek the Musical’s base at Theatre Royal Drury Lane…. all the while accompanied by a fire breathing dragon!

To really make the journey as realistic as possible, we incorporated Google Street View and Google Maps into the end result, a fun extension of the campaign that takes advantage of its media positioning, just when potential audiences are making and finalising their cultural plans.

The response to the campaign has been fantastic so far! The online Shrek The Musical banners have delivered a click through rate that is double the standard for a rich media interactive advert and sold an additional 500 tickets.

It really has been an adventure