aka takes a shot at the beautiful game

The old adage ‘work hard play hard’ certainly rings true for the team at aka, which is why we fielded a fleet footed team to the Lucozade Power League football championships.

FC aka’s first foray into competitive league football was definitely a season of two halves. Throughout the first five games, stellar efforts regrettably did not result in the results we hoped for. However all was not lost, our boys did outstandingly well in their sixth outing and, after struggling at 6-2 down, proceeded to launch an impressive comeback, winning 7-6 against quality opposition.

In high spirits, and with a maiden victory under their belt, FC aka progressed with renewed confidence, triumphing in five out of the next six games played (including defeating the defending champions). This turnaround in form was rewarded with a respectful mid-table position.

The next league has just started, and we expect the team will climb the table gloriously – after all, at aka we don’t settle for second best!

Congratulations to the fantastically committed squad of players including:

Paulo ‘Safe Hands’ Cova
‘Left Foot’ Faraz Zaidi
Dan ‘The Man’ Rooke
Gareth ‘The Midlands Maestro’ Williams
Jamie ‘The Gentleman’ Ballantyne
Hanman ‘The Centre Field Assasin’ Truong
‘The Columbian Cartel’ Hanner Rubio and Harry Yepes
Antony ‘Captain Courageous’ Howlett
Chris ‘The Mighty’ O’Quinn
Alex ‘Safe Bet’ Johnson
‘Roundhouse’ Rich Pursey
Sam ‘Sneaky Shot’ Palmer
‘Gorgeous Feet’ Simon Gooden
‘Stormtrooper’ Ben Gatehouse
Khalil ‘The Conqueror’ Heresh
‘Savage’ Graham Saville

A special thank you must also go to Director Adrian Allen for his support of the team.