Gorillaz – Damon Albarn’s virtual band are back with ‘Humanz’, their first studio album in seven years…and whatsmore they’re heading on a UK/European tour, with AKA at the helm of its digital promotion!

We’ve been running activity across Social Media, Search, Spotify, Amazon with a Digital media campaign targeting Gorillaz Fans as well as a general Music Fan/Gig Attendee audience.

AKA’s digital media team ran this campaign using Amazon’s technology, allowing us to uniquely target customers using Amazon purchase data.
The buzz we created around this high profile launch has already contributed to an extremely successful Onsale, with more tour dates being added as a result! Incredible to be working at the forefront of digital with such unqiue artists.

Gorillaz will be performing at Dreamland Margate, whose summer rebranding and promotion AKA have also been proudly working on.