aka lands the Tardis in Cardiff

On Friday 20th July, the official Doctor Who Experience opened its doors in Cardiff, the home of the TV programme, to throngs of eager fans and families who were definitely ready to go on a journey through the fourth dimension!

Given the huge fanbase and enduring popularity of the show, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the opening of The Doctor Who Experience was such a huge success! However, to support its arrival, we ensured that the spectacular exhibition really made its presence felt by conquering the city with outdoor marketing.

You could run but you certainly couldn’t hide from The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff! From branded ticket barriers at Central Station through to cosmically-proportioned 48 sheets on the way to Cardiff Bay as you travelled on branded buses, we guaranteed that our campaign reached as many people in the Welsh capital as possible.

Have a look at our gallery below to see the galactic reach of our work.