aka gets interesting

Throughout the year aka runs an entertaining initiative called ‘Make Yourself More Interesting’. With a budget of £500, staff are invited to propose how they would use the money to give themselves something extra, whether that involves mastering a new skill, going on the adventure of lifetime, giving something back to the community or just some pure unadulterated fun!

Everyone at aka votes on the submissions, and the money is duly awarded to the most entertaining and outlandish ideas. Many fantastic entries were submitted this year, ranging from the weird to the wonderful, and three winners were selected.

Of those three, Alex Johnson, Account Executive in Client Services, has begun his own personal challenge: getting as far from the office as he possibly can on £500 for all travel and accommodation – with the intention of returning, of course!

Starting last Friday, Alex’s journey has already been something to write home about. Our brave adventurer left on in the evening from aka offices in Cambridge Circus and ventured down to Waterloo having booked a train to Portsmouth. In Pompey, Alex jumped on a ferry to Caen and then made a (unendorsed) attempt at hitchhiking to Paris, which, sadly, included an unscheduled and rather surprising drop off in the middle of the French countryside miles from anywhere!

When eventually in the French capital on Saturday afternoon, Alex made the best of the city of romance with two of his trusty travelling companions: the aka Bear and Shrek The Musical’s Gingerbread Man. All three fearless, economising friends hopped onto a Vélo and bicycled their way round some of the city’s sites – including the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame cathedral.

Sadly progress on Sunday was a little slower, due, in part, to “being slightly unprepared and underslept”, but our hero did manage to continue his journey – hotfooting it on an overnight coach to Germany and its capital Berlin. Some sightseeing and obligatory shots were taken and then, that evening, Alex grabbed an overnight coach to Prague, a fantastic 642 miles from the start of his journey.

As Alex’s journey continues, we will update you with his progress. In the meantime, please feel free to sponsor Alex’s interesting trek by visiting www.akamakeadifference.com with all proceeds going to aka’s charities: Nanyuki Preparatory School in Kenya and a selection of elite Paralympic athletes who will be competing at the London 2012 games.

In the meantime, do have a look at our image gallery below to see some highlights from Alex’s travels thus far.