aka breaks the fourth screen

On the 23rd of November aka hosted a very exciting event for clients and friends. The event, aptly titled Breaking the Fourth Screen, featured presentations from some of the leading specialists in mobile digital development and showcased the current and future opportunities for mobile marketing within the entertainment, attractions and arts world.

On the day, aka Managing Director Adam Kenwright and Head of connect (aka’s digital division) Alex Woodford introduced our speakers to over 90 assembled attendees. The presenters included:

Bill Thompson – BBC Journalist, Visiting Fellow in the Journalism Department at City University and columnist for Focus Magazine, @billt

Andreas Nicolaou – Head of Client Strategy at O2, @AndreasNicolaou

Alex Kozloff – Senior Mobile Manager at the Internet Advertising Bureau and one of Media Week’s ’30 Under 30 2011’

Richard Hicks – Head of Mobile at ITV and Consultant on the ROI Media Board

Mark Finney – Head of Client Strategy at Guardian News and Media

The five informative and insightful presentations summarised how entertainment can utilise mobile marketing techniques to maximise exposure, increase audiences and attendees and, ultimately, generate additional revenue. Throughout the course of the morning, many points were raised and some remarkable statistics were revealed, including:

  • 23 million people in the UK use mobile internet every month
  • Despite the iPad being only 18 months old, 14% of the UK already has one within their homes
  • 37% of adults in the UK admit that they are addicted to their mobile phone
  • The same number of readers access the Guardian via mobile devices as through the printed version
  • 500 million people will use mobile devices instead of printed tickets by 2015

The importance of ensuring that marketing campaigns are fully integrated was stressed, emphasising the need for comprehensive marketing campaigns to incorporate the mobile platform; Bill Thompson even pronounced that “If you have a separate mobile or online marketing strategy, you have failed.”

The danger of spamming audiences was also highlighted, with a much more targeted approach recommended for this channel. All of the speakers emphasised that mobile marketing must be carefully crafted to appear personalised to customers, encouraging them to engage and respond on their own terms.

Bill Thompson and Andreas Nicolaou spoke about the emerging ways to innovate communications, including location based marketing. Through this channel, mobile users can be reached more effectively with relevant, current events and offers at nearby locations; in fact O2 have already launched their ‘Priority Moments’ scheme, for which aka is the exclusive live entertainment partner and supplier.

With growing numbers of people using a combination of mobile devices, TVs, laptops and desktop computers, multiple screen experiences were also addressed. Occasionally mobile can be overlooked despite the fact that the average consumer interacts with a mobile device on a highly regular basis. As Bill Thompson said, “The most important screen is the one your audience is always looking at.”

Throughout the morning we also live tweeted the presentations (as did some of the attendees) to ensure that we were really maximising the reach of the speaker’s content. Our in-house video team were also on hand to record the event for posterity, enabling those who were not present to reap the benefits of guest speakers’ wisdom.

It was a hugely successful event and one that really offered up some brilliant food for thought. We’d like to thank all guests who attended. We’re also very grateful to Bill Thompson, Alex Kozloff, Andreas Nicolaou, Mark Finney and Richard Hicks for their time.