Once again Make Yourself More Interesting took place in London, the competition where members of staff contribute an idea that would make a marked difference to their lives….and then possibly win the needed £500 funding to make their dreams a reality.

This year, we had 29 entries with 70 different members of staff voting for their favourite.

It was a close run affair but, as the Top Four are so good, we will be funding ALL of them to fulfil their challenges and will be showing you how they get on!

50 FIRST (Tinder) DATES
Call it a social experiment or a desperate attempt at a love life but with £500 I will go on 50 Tinder dates (assuming that I can actually get 50 dates).

For anyone not in the know, Tinder is a fairly brutal, fast-moving mobile dating app that is based on location, shared interests and shared friends. I’ll use the £500 to download the app and go on 50 dates at £10 a date and then blog about every date in all its disastrous/delightful glory (without mentioning any names of course).

With £500 I would go to Naples on a non-stop 24 hour culinary tour of pizzerias!

Following the international guidelines set by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (yes, an official association about pizza actually exists) I will go on a very serious quest to discover the most delicious and authentic Italian pizza. I will only eat pizza during my time in Italy.

So I can share my slices with AKA I will upload videos and photos of each pizza to a dedicated blog and to an instagram account which I will name #pizzagram.

Along the way I will make friends with the locals and I will invite them to dine with me and share my experience. I will also try to make friends with a chef in the hope they will give me a lesson in the art of pizza-making. If An Idiot Abroad and Man vs. Food had a lovechild this is what it would look like, for sure.

If I was given £500 to make myself more interesting, I would use the money to self-publish my children’s book ‘Eric the Fly’ that I have written and is due to be illustrated by the very talented David Litchfield, which subsequently have been rejected by two literary agencies on the grounds that they obviously don’t know a good rhyming story when they read one.

I think having a (finally) published author in the BOAT team may be pretty interesting, especially for those in the company with small children, who would receive a copy. Of course when the book gets adapted for the stage I will ensure to consider AKA for the project 😉

We propose to use £500 between all 5 of us – saving money for the company (cost effective people that we are) but utilising the prize fund to interact, bond and engage as a team whilst all learning a new skill (party piece). We would like to go to CIRCUS SCHOOL!

We would learn to juggle, to fly on the trapeze, to ride a Unicycle – the possibilities are endless (well, they’re not, they have to be circus skills, but still…) We will develop stamina, determination and self-belief and master the core moves necessary to progress our aerial skills to the next level.

So go on, give us some money so that we can get clowning around!