A picture’s worth a thousand words

BABEL, the theatrical event devised by Wildworks and Battersea Arts Centre, was a real one-of-a-kind experience. While pushing the boundaries of theatre and also audience participation, BABEL was also notable for its remarkable, beautiful design.

That’s why we decided to partner with photography application Instagram as part of our social media campaign to drive attendees to BABEL.

In the production’s short two week run, we aimed to drive awareness of BABEL through valuable online peer-to-peer recommendation via social media; targeting a young digital savvy audience who typically attend music festivals/alternative fringe theatre.

We wanted this audience to engage with the show and spread awareness through utilising Instagram’s social media and #hash tag technology, the perfect platform for sharing images of BABEL.

To get the ball rolling, we partnered with online collective Instagrammers London and invited 20 profiled “Instagrammers” to attend a performance, giving them free rein to take photos and asking them to identify any images then uploaded with the hashtag #BABELlondon.

Within hours of the production starting we ensured BABEL had unprecedented coverage on Instagram and twitter.  The shots that our selected “Instagrammers” uploaded were then distributed to their 11,396 followers (2,000 of whom “liked” the shots taken) and a potential additional online audience reach of 1.8 million.