A good old time

The current revival of Harold Pinter’s haunting and compelling drama Old Times is undoubtedly one of the hot tickets in the West End this year and our creative needed to really build anticipation for the production, especially as it was the first of Pinter’s plays to be shown in his namesake theatre.

Thanks to a terrific cast made up of Kristin Scott Thomas, Rufus Sewell and Lia Williams, our early focus was featuring the play’s exciting on-stage talent. On top of that, we developed artwork that chimed with some of the play’s key themes, namely memories, dreams and perceived reality.

In the original artwork, which is above, the stars’ headshots create an impression of intense intimacy, while the finishing of the creative has an appropriately dream-like quality.  In addition, the title treatment itself layers textures to blur lines, creating an almost ghostly effect.

To get even more of a feel for this campaign, have a look at the below gallery.